Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"The Golden Girls" Dolls !

When my favorite collector asked me to do dolls of "The Golden Girls" from the classic TV situation comedy, it seemed like a tall order (in the case of Bea Arthur, it was), but it was also a labor of love. The squabbles between the four women were masterpieces in the tradition of radio's "The Bickersons" and TV's "Sanford and Son".The chemistry among the four principals was comically explosive - Betty White's clueless Rose Nylund, Bea Arthur's deadpan Dorothy Zbornak, Estelle Getty's spunky little Sophia Petrillo (Dorothy's Mom), and Rue McClanahan's promiscuous Blanche Devereaux. They all had their moments, but the anchor to the comedy was definitely Bea Arthur's masterful comic reactions. No comic actor ever got as many laughs from a deadpan stare as Bea Arthur. The ladies are (as always) completely hand-sculpted and constructed by hand. All of their costumes and accessories were entirely handmade as well. Each lady had her own distinctive mode of dress (which defined her character) and it was fun capturing that. The dolls range in size from towering Bea Arthur (17 inches) to tiny Estelle Getty (14 inches).


Anonymous said...

I saw your lovely dolls featured on Fabulon

They are truly wonderful. You have a terrific talent.

Robyn Coburn Writer said...

I have featured your website and blog on my new round up blog, Dolls:Crafting and Collecting

Best wishes,
Robyn C.

Elisabeth Heinemann said...

Dear Alesia,

just by chance I "found" your homepage and pictures of your dolls. Well, they are unbelievably beautiful! Really, you're a genius in detecting the most important parts of a face. I love your movie dolls, but - of course - also the others.
Take care of you and your talent.

Best wishes from Germany,


gah! these are so amazing.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Your dolls are awe-inspiring, a true gift!

I would like to grant your blog the "One Lovely Blog Award." Information about this award may be found on my blog at the following link: One Lovely Blog Award



Ashleigh said...

How in the love of all that is fabulous do I purchase these?!?!?!

Lisette said...

wauw This dolls are fatastic and beautiful.

Patricia Smear said...

Your work is so wonderful! Love Love Love these dolls! I gave you a nice shout out on my blog Bingo Mingle
Fell in love with your "Rosemary's Baby" set. If it was in my budget I would have them proudly displayed in my home, no doubt about that! You can tell alot of hard work went into these. Just beautiful and loads of fun!
You are very talented! Best Wishes!.

Unknown said...

To all of you lovely people who posted so long ago , I'm sorry for never responding to your warm wishes. I had been in declining health for several years, eventually becoming partially paralyzed and bedridden. Ultimately, I was unable to make the dolls for a couple of years. I was finally diagnosed with a rare brain hernia called a tonsillar herniation, which was caused by a congenital skull defect which went undiagnosed for over 50 years. I had emergency brain surgery in March 2014. After a stay in a rehab facility, I've finally recovered to the point where I've been able to resume my dollmaking. I'll be posting new celebrity dolls on this blog in the near future. Thanks again, Alesia