Thursday, December 4, 2008

Roll, Tootsie, Roll!

Do you miss Tootsie? You don't have to . She's right here! It was a labor of love for me to recreate one of my favorite actors, Dustin Hoffman, in one of my favorite movies, "Tootsie". As Dusty said in the film, "I was a better man . . . as a woman, than I ever was with a woman as a man. Know what I mean?" No, neither did I. But the results were hilarious. It didn't hurt that the director was Sidney Pollack and the writer was Larry Gelbart. Hoffman's Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels characterization was acting genius. My "Tootsie" doll is 17 inches tall, and completely handmade. As always, he/she's a fully poseable doll. The head, breastplate, hands and feet are sculpted from polymer clay. The body is made of cloth-over-wire-armature construction, with polyester fiberfill stuffing. Dorothy's floor-length sequined gown is hand-tailored, and all accessories - the shoes, earrings, eyeglasses - are individually hand-crafted as well. I sold this one to one of my favorite collectors, who lives in Fresh Meadows, Queens, New York. From there, Tootsie could easily commute to her day job on the soap opera "Southwest General" at National Video's studios on West 42nd Street in Manhattan. (The fictional soap opera's studio in the film was the actual soundstage where "Tootsie" was filmed! In my other career as an actress, I once videotaped a TV commercial for "The Money Store" at National Video, and it looked exactly the same as it did in the film.)


Eileen said...

I just stumbled upon your website and the "celebrity dolls" section. Your dolls are fabulous! Brilliant work! And you choose the best characters to recreate!

alilbit said...

I love OOAK dolls. Your atention to detail is exquisite.An amazing talent you have. Keep it up

Patricia Smear said...

So FUN! love it!!